The Five B’s 


Be Here

In order for students to progress academically, they need to come to school every day on time. In addition, students must be in class in order to learn.

Be Safe

A safe and orderly environment is necessary for students to flourish academically and socially. Students and teachers must adhere to the behavioral expectations of Sisulu-Walker.

Be Ready

To get the most out of one’s education, one must have all of the materials needed to succeed and be willing to listen and participate in daily activities and complete assigned homework.

Be Respectful

A culture of mutual respect between students and the Sisulu-Walker staff is paramount for the success of the school. Students must learn to respect themselves and others.

Be Responsible

There are many ways for students to demonstrate responsibility. Students are responsible for coming to school each day, completing daily and nightly assignments, and adhering to school-wide behavioral expectations.