Welcome.  We created this page because we know that our parents are our greatest resource.   Together, we work together to give children the best education possible.  We hope you will find these links beneficial. 


Doing Your Best! - NYS Assessment Preparation

Academic Resources Back to School - This page has a lot of important information and resources to help ensure your child's success at school. Parent Resources  - This website has a treasure trove of information for parents about health, safety, technology and student achievement.  Be certain to check out "100 Ways to Help Your Child and School Succeed" and "Ten Must Know Facts About Educational Testing."

New York City Assessment Information   -  State assessments can mean major stress for parents, students, and teachers alike.  t is not always easy to find the answers to questions about the tests your child will take.  This website offers some information, but please contact your child's teacher if you still have questions.


Educational Websites  - This site has fun, interactive texts for emerging readers. - has many literacy games and activities for students. - This site has a plethora of engaging math and literacy games.

American Library Association -  If your child is interested in, or needs to research something, this is a great place to start! - This site has puzzles and games in every subject, for every grade. - This site is chock full of worksheets.  It is helpful if your child needs to work on a specific skill.  

New York Times Learning Network - Keep up with current events on this page.  This site contains some great information/activities for our students, but much of it is targeted towards older children.  '' - This site recently posted a list of 100 of the best learning websites and resources for parents and their children.


Health and Wellbeing - This website is for parents and students.  It covers a wide range of physical, and mental health issues. 

Resources for Children With Special Needs NYC - This is the page of a non-profit organization that provides services, resources, and information to families with special needs.  

For the Entire Family

MCNY Family Programs - Family and Community Engagement Programs at the Museum of the City of New York.