The Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem

Photo by Shawn Lane, Art Teacher Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem

Photo by Shawn Lane, Art Teacher Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem

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Welcome to The Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem (formerly Sisulu Children's Academy-Harlem Public Charter School) online portal. We are proud to serve the community of Central Harlem, providing high quality instruction from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. 

The mission of our school is to prepare K – 5 students living in and around Central Harlem for matriculation to outstanding public, private and parochial middle and high schools by nurturing their intellectual, emotional, artistic and social development. 

The school is accomplishing this by offering a rigorous and challenging academic curricula taught by a highly prepared and committed cadre of professional educators. Beginning in kindergarten, we prepare our students for college and a lifetime of achievement, honor and service. Sisulu-Walker is achieving this in a small and supportive learning environment that sets high expectations for all of our students and encourages strong parental and community involvement.

Our classrooms are named with words from the languages of Africa and the African Diaspora that drive home the expectations for our students and the community.


Haitian-Creole for "Success" 


Swahili for "Honor" 


Swahili for "Community" 

We are committed to help each Sisulu-Walker student develop and realize his or her individual goals of achievement by setting the highest expectations for each student.  Our academic program engages students in a wide range of subjects that nurture their capacity to learn, to reason critically, and to apply knowledge in a moral and ethical way.  We inspire our students towards academic achievement and a commitment to excellence.

Sisulu-Walker aspires to the highest standards of honor and integrity.  We are committed to the fundamental values of honesty, respect, fairness, trust, responsible citizenship and compassion.  Cultivating honor within our students allows students to know the expectations and responsibilities of membership in the Sisulu-Walker community, and lays the foundation for lifelong integrity.

Our school is named in honor of Walter Sisulu and Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker, two men who have dedicated their lives to public service in their communities.  Sisulu-Walker strives to instill the principles of public service and commitment to community within each of our students.  To that end, we engage students in service learning projects as part of our core academic program.  Sisulu-Walker believes public service supports young people.



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Afrikaans for "Achievement

Afrikaans for "Achievement

Swahili for "Discipline"

Swahili for "Discipline"

Haitian-Creole for "Courage"

Haitian-Creole for "Courage"




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